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Bummed by raw milk shortage in Dallas? Check out real milk alternatives.

Real Milk from Texas Daily Harvest, Urban Acres, Dallas

August 2012 Update: Texas Daily Harvest has closed its creamery, much to my dismay. Lavon Farms still runs out of raw milk periodically, so get on their email list if you want availability updates. My current recommendation for low-temp pasturized milk is Mill-King, available at Patina Green and Urban Acres. See comments below the article for details.


I am a huge fan of real milk, preferably raw milk from grass-fed cows. The most convenient DFW source of raw milk, the Lucky Layla Farm Store at Lavon Farms in Plano, Texas, has been so popular that demand is sometimes greater than the supply.

If yours is one of the families disappointed when you’re unable to buy raw milk, I have an alternative for you: real milk from East Texas organic dairy, Texas Daily Harvest. It’s available locally at Urban Acres in Oak Cliff, at Whole Foods in Dallas and Plano, and through group and private delivery. They also have some good outlets around Austin, so Austinites check their website for locations. What makes Texas Daily Harvest milk “real milk?” It’s low-heat pasteurized and not homogenized, so it has the cream on top (shake it to mix before you pour).  Low-pasteurized means it’s heated to the minimum temperature required by law, so it still contains some good natural bacteria that you need for a healthy gut, as well as enzymes to help you digest the milk. If you happen to be out near Sulphur Springs, stop by Texas Daily Harvest and buy some raw milk from farmers, Ramy and Kent Jisha. I’ve toured their farm, and I am so impressed by these smart, conscientious farmers. I’m also thankful for them. Their passion and hard work keep good, real food on my table. Whether I buy their milk from Whole Foods or have it delivered (with free-range eggs and meat) to my house, I make sure I am well-stocked with my favorite real food. My husband and I drink a couple of gallons per week. If you can’t buy real milk, don’t bother drinking milk at all. Really. Ultra-Pasteurized milk from cows in confinement dairies, even if it’s organic, is not real food. For more info, check out my first post about real milk, and this one too. Be well! P.S. For my friends who prefer goat milk, or want to locate a raw cow milk dairy close to you, check out the Weston A. Price Foundation’s Real Milk site.


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Dallas Farm-to-Table Dinner: Last Day to Buy Tickets for FTCLDF FundRAISER at Wise Traditions

WAPF Wise Traditions
BUY TICKETS BY PHONE AT 703-208-3278 OR online at
Spend the evening with over 300 friends old and new at the Festive Texas Dinner, Concert and Dance FundRAISER  on the eve of the WAPF Wise Traditions Annual International Conference. All proceeds benefit the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit – –  Defender of good food, farms and folk since 2007.  
Sally Fallon Morrell, Dr. Joe Mercola and Dr. Will Winter will weigh in on organ meat appetizers and custom scarecrows. But you will be the judge too in this version of American Offal Idol.
Entertainment by the Quebe Sisters Band   
  • Grass-fed Organ Meat Appetizers
  • Texas Daily Harvest Organic Grass-fed Gouda, Parmesan and Feta Raw Milk Cheese
  • Veldhuizen Cheese – Farmstead Artisan Paragon & Texas Star Raw Cheese Wheels
  • Miller’s Organic Farm Garlic Dill and Fermented Dill Pickles
  • Avocado, Seeded Cucumber Salad with Celery, Tomato and Spring Onion served with Garlic Lemon Celtic Sea Salt Infused Chaffin Family Orchards Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Chargrilled U.S. Wellness Grass-fed Steak, Fresh Herbs, Infused Natural Jus, Roasted Plum Tomato Apple Cider Vinaigrette
  • Lima Bean Celery Root Succotash with Butternut Squash
  • Jalapeno Cheddar Biscuits featuring Pure Indian Foods Organic Grass-fed Ghee
  • Texas Cornbread featuring Bob’s Red Mill Organic Cornmeal and Texas Daily Harvest Organic Grass-fed Buttermilk
  • Trickling Springs Creamery Organic Grass-fed Sweet Cream Butter and Miller’s Organic Farm Maple Syrup
  • Grass-fed Butter, Honey and Miller’s Organic Farm Maple Syrup on the side
  • Immunitrition Cultured Vegetables
  • Starwest Botanicals Organic Hibiscus Heaven Iced Tea
  • Chicory “Coffee” and Texas Daily Harvest Organic Grass-fed Half & Half
  • Herbal Hot Teas and Honey
  • Warm Apple Pecan Cobbler with Vanilla Ice cream – an authentic Texas tradition. For those on the GAPS diets the entire meal, with the exception of the ice cream topping on the dessert is GAPS approved!

I wouldn’t miss it – these WAFP people put on a delicious, beautiful spread!


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Mexico City-Style Tacos at a Dallas Chevron: Bachman Tacos and Grill


For Dallas residents, one benefit of having the Super Bowl in town, was learning from the national media about great things in our own backyard. In one recent Wall Street Journal article, lauded Dallas chef Kent Rathbun (Abacus and Iron Chef America) said his favorite tacos in town were at Bachman Tacos, located inside a Chevron station in a working-class area of town.

I first checked it out about a month ago, and have been back several times, taking coworkers and family members. Do  you think I like it? Yes; it reminds me of days gone by when I’ve eaten tacos and burritos from street vendors in Mexico.

The tacos at $1.29 each are not only a bargain, they’re so delicious. Served on toasted corn tortillas with fresh chopped onions and cilantro, and wedges of lime, they’re some of the best tacos I’ve had. I’ve tried four versions:

  1. trompo (marinated pork, sliced, skewered and charbroiled)
  2. combination chicken and trompo
  3. carnitas (braised pork)
  4. beef fajitas

The first three were outstanding, with trompo topping the list. The beef is not something I’d order again; it just didn’t taste good to me. I rarely eat meat, eggs or dairy that isn’t from a local farmer I’ve met personally, but there’s just something about these tacos that I make an exception. If you try them, I’d love to hear what you think. Buen provecho!

Tips for gas station tacos newbies:

  • pre-pay for your tacos at the cash register in the gas station; just tell them how many tacos you want
  • if you want a drink, get that first and pay for it when you pay for the tacos; they have small Mexican Cokes in glass bottles that are a fun sugar splurge
  • take your receipt to the grill and tell them what kind of tacos you want
  • there’s a platic bucket for tips, if you’re so inclined
  • the tables are not cleaned regularly, so you may want to take your tacos to go
  • don’t bother with rice and beans, they’re terrible
  • the salsa is smokin’ hot

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