As soon as I get enough figs off my tree, I’m making this! I just ordered some netting so I have a fighting chance against the birds who keep poking holes in them.


According to my boyfriend, this is the most delicious thing he has eaten in the last few months. Isn’t that reason enough to make this salad? If a simple salad can please your boy more than Roast chicken with obscene amounts of garlic, Shakshuka, Momofuku pork buns or Lamb Ragout, don’t make a big effort anymore and just stick with the easy salads for this summer.

Its colours are bright and it looks so fresh and festive. Summer finally started in the Netherlands this week. It’s really sunny and hot and everyone ditched their jackets and long pants and switched to short skirts and trousers. This salad is really light, which is nice when it’s so hot and moreover, it helps you keep looking good in those short skirts.

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