Is Sitting a Lethal Activity?

Healthy Happy EaterI believe it is, and I think  you will too after you read this article from the New York Times. I read it when it came out in April, tweeted it … and didn’t really take it to heart until now.

For the past 13 months, I have worked out at Camp Gladiator boot camp about three to five times per week, and now am training for a half marathon with long run/walk intervals on Saturdays. That’s pretty good, huh? Yeah but … all day long I sit on my butt in my office chair, then on the sofa all evening. Not good.

I started to have this nagging ache in my right knee a couple of months ago. I believe that it might have to do with the fact that I sit so much, because it only hurts when I first get up from sitting for a while. I ask my body to do intense physical activity for a few hours a week, and then I do absolutely nothing the rest of the time. How will I remedy this?

I’m going to move around more throughout the day, and strive for walking the recommended 10,000 steps. My boss just turned me onto a device called Fitbit, which tracks calories burned, steps taken, distance traveled and sleep quality. It’s available on the Fitbit website and at Best Buy, but I bought mine at REI because of their generous return policy. I don’t plan to return it of course, but I like to trade with retailers who have outstanding customer service. REI has free shipping right now too.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress. In the meantime, read the New York Times article about the dangers of a chair-based lifestyle … and as Nathan Arizona says, “Move! Move! Move!”

“Go into cubeland in a tightly controlled corporate environment and you immediately sense that there is a malaise about being tied behind a computer screen seated all day,” says Mayo Clinic researcher James Levine. “The soul of the nation is sapped, and now it’s time for the soul of the nation to rise.”       


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2 responses to “Is Sitting a Lethal Activity?

  1. So impressed with the Fitbit…thanks for this post and for introducing me to this cool device!

    • Hi, Dana. My first Fitbit lasted three days. On my long run/walk on Saturday it bit the dust; I’m guessing it was from the sweat. I got another though. My highest day has been 6K steps, so I still need to “step” it up! A woman at work averages 23K steps per day – oh boy!

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