Not Eating Enough Healthy Fat Can Make You Crave Refined Carbs

… and we all know where that leads. For more information like this, sign up for Kelly the Kitchen Kop’s Real Food for Rookies class, which starts Thursday. Kelly’s delivery is straightforward and her content is right on. This is the perfect class for people who want to eat better and feel better, but are confused by all the misinformation around nutrition these days.

Check out her curriculum to see what you’ll learn. You need this class if:

  • you’ve tried to “eat healthy,” but got discouraged
  • you’re starting to question the low-fat dieting wisdom
  • you want to give up your fast food addiction
  • you’re hooked on sugar and/or sugar substitutes
  • you’re concerned about the increasing outbreaks of e coli and salmonella
  • you want to eat nutritious food, but you’re pressed for time
  • you think eating well costs a lot
  • you’re worried about the rising obesity rates of children

Sign up for the class, and tell your friends. Kelly the Kitchen Kop has done a lot of research, is a very knowledgeable resource, and her conversion story is inspiring. If you take the class, will you share an aha moment or two?

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